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Season Opening Friday Dec 23rd

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What others say about us

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Mexican publication recommends Koki Beach

"Cocina internacional con vistas al mar y al boulevard. Ideal para tomar una copa a media tarde. Bonito, moderno y con camareros muy agradables" (Spanish)

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Marc Anthony visits Puerto Viejo

We have noticed a long string of high profile visitors arriving to Caribesur lately ranging from tv personalities, writers, sports celebrities, actors and now pop star Marc Anthony as the latest arrival. The pristine beaches and laid back atmosphere of this hideaway is easily infatuating to anybody wanting to get away from prying eyes and paparazzi

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Dia de los Muertos - Mascarada tradicional de los Ticos

Koki Beach did huge papier mache' masks for the Day of the Dead or Halloween including a witch, skull and a diablito. In Costa Rica its traditionally called Dia de las Mascaras and this article in the leading daily newspaper describes this long tradition. Koki Beach is of course happy to take part in this historic tradition and keeping it alive. (Article in Spanish)

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El Dia de los Muertos

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Koki Beach recognized at national awards ceremony

Koki Beach wins national recognition for its contributions for the environment and social work in awards ceremony recognizing businesses and institutions that improves the living conditions for inhabitants. (Spanish)

En XIX edicion del Premio "Aportes al Mejoramiento de la Calidad de Vida" recebimos reconocimiento por nuestra "contribucion al ambiente y participacion social". El premio es un reconocimiento par las personas que realizan contribuciones al mejoramiento de la calidad de vida de sus semejantes, por medio de actividades economicas, sociales, ambientales y productivas. La Defensoria de los Habitantes en conjunto con las universidades estatales y el Consejo Nacional de Rectores (CONARE) organizan el premio.

l objectivo del Premio es contribuir a perfilar una mejor sociedad basada en;
* La solidaridad contributiva y de seguro social.
* La proteccion, conservacion y uso sostenible de los recursos
* La equidad de genero
* La tolerancia de las diferencias

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Costariquissíma !

As the Brazilian football team headed by Ronaldinho arrived in Costa Rica for a friendly game against the Ticos Koki Beach also got into the spotlight when mentioned by TV hostess Diana Bouth in the Carioca media as a spot to visit in the beach side village of Puerto Viejo, Caribesur. She travelled with her 5 year old son Pedro;

"KoKi Beach “Um clube de praia com restaurante requintado, que fica em um trecho mais badalado do litoral. Ali o Pedro sempre encontrava outras crianças para brincar.”

“KoKi Beach "A beach club with a refined restaurant, located on the most lively piece of the coast. There, Pedro always found other kids to play with.” Waterfront Town, Center

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# 1 Thing to do in Puerto Viejo

A visit to KOKI BEACH is the #1 thing to do when in Puerto Viejo says Lonely Planet travel guide

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Our new bestseller



Prepare as you would a traditional mojito in a collins or high-ball glass. Top with club soda.

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Puerto Viejo favorite spot for Max Hodges, surfer, reporter and television star for TMZ

TMZ reporter and surfer says his favorite spot is Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, where he said he could “dance all night in reggae bars and surf all day in Caribbean water.”

Verano Telehit 2011 desde Costa Rica
"Verano Telehit, Costa Rica"

Consta de 10 diferentes programas que dan a conocer todas aquellas actividades que encuentras en Costa Rica.
Viviendo las más grandes experiencias: en la aventura, pudieron recorrer primeramente la capital con sus hermosos museos, el inigualable teatro nacional, los bares y restaurantes en la capital San Jose

No terminándose ahí? saltar desde el bungee, caminar en las cataratas, abismarse en el cráter de un volcán, sumergirse en las cálidas aguas de sus hermosas playas en busca de vida marina, adentrarse en el caribe sur para convivir con los locales, bañarse en las aguas termales, navegar en un bote por sus caudalosos ríos y hasta colgarse de los árboles para hacer tirolesa.

No te pierdas este Espcial desde Costa Rica:
Martes y Jueves 21:00hrs, hora del centro de México.
A partir del día 2 de Agosto.

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TeleHit shooting Verano 2011 @ KOKI BEACH

TeleHit, TV music channel founded in 1993 with a presence in 52 countries, has chosen Costa Rica to host their annual Verano show. Previous years has been shot in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and Miami, USA, and now they will be in Caribesur showing off our world class beaches, beach volley, arts, sports and, of course, restaurants and nightlife.

They will be shooting from Koki on June 10 so join us for drinks, food and music

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Just found an old post about us in Swedish press

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Look what people say about us

This was posted this morning on Trip Advisor, a leading travel site with reviews and opinions, by a visitor about their experience

" Koki Beach - we picked this place due to the beautiful ocean view it has. Their yucca chips were awesome and I had the tilapia with Caribbean sauce. The view and the ambiance were amazing, and it was probably my favorite meal of my trip.

Well, thank you, Mr Kennedy

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Cafe Colada

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The county of Talamancas indigenous community is easy to reach from the beach towns of Puerto Viejo and Cahuita. Rich in culture and customs its well worth a visit. Koki Beach incorporated handcrafts ranging from lamps made from "hickaras" and baskets woven from local plants. This matriarch is preparing the palm leaves used for basket weaving in her abode made from palm trunks and raised above ground on stilts

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NYE 2011