Tuesday, November 24, 2009

EXTRA EXTRA ! KOKI Beach in the news again !

The winner of the 2009 TRANSAT arrived at 10.30 last night greeted by fireworks, music and a huge crowd in a celebratory mood. The runner up arrived only 45 minutes behind. First time ever a double hull contestant has won the competition ever and the organizers professed their satisfaction with Costa Rica as their goal line. This has put a lot of attention on our corner of the country and KOKi Beach is once again in the news with Art Nautica. Front page no less.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Art Nautica 2009 in the news

La Nacion, Costa Ricas daily newspaper, covered Art Nautica at KOKi Beach.

"Costa Rican artists Mario Maffioli and Fabio Herrera mounted an exhibition at KOKi Beach, Puerto Viejo, in tribute to the southern Caribbean to coincide with the arrival of the TRANSAT boat race in Limon.

The exhibition comprises of six acrylics by each artist produced in large format. According to Maffioli all the works were painted in Puerto Viejo and they see the exhibition as a way to thank the town for its hospitality towards the artists for the last 25 years.

"The works are representative of the area and human daily life and its surroundings and its exuberant nature" says Maffioli

He presents abstract works while Herrera presents figurative paintings. The TRANSAT will enable the artist to show their works to a large number of foreign tourists who visits the area for the competition"

Art Nautica

Last night we opened Art Nautica and a early evening shower didn't stop the enthusiastic crowd from enjoying the works displayed at KOKi Beach.
Artists Mario Maffioli and Fabio Herrera enjoying the evening

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


After yet another blitz trip to San Jose in search of lights, materials and banners for the upcoming Mario Maffioli & Fabio Herrera exhibit we are heading back to Puerto Viejo again. Tomorrow we have a full day with the electrician and installers for the event in preparation for the arrival of the artist the following day. I hope we are able to please the prickly artist but I remain confident.

The Transat is scheduled to arrive on Saturday the 21st but now a sixth contestant, HUGO BOSS, was forced to leave the race today after hitting a floating container 1000 miles from the closest coast. Good thing the boats have waterproof compartments and the crew will be safe despite a two meter gaping hole in the vessel.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Transat 2009

In ten days its estimated that about 5000 European tourists will join 20 000 Costa Rican nationals in receiving the competitors in the french regatta Transat 2009. The port of call is always Le Havre, France, and for the next four competitions the port of Limon is designated as its arrival port. Its expected to take 10 days for the boats to travel the 6000 miles across the Atlantic before docking up on Costa Ricas caribbean coast. Festivities are planned for ten days following the arrival of the 21 boats and some 100 foreign journalists will be covering the event on site. The race takes place every other year and is widely followed in Europe and beyond via satellite and TV during its duration. It is the 5th most watched sporting event in France aloneNacion.com

Fabio Herrera & Marco Maffioli exhibit

We passed the official one month mark today and we are kicking it off with a tropical depression forming outside of our coast but still no rain here even though the rest of the country is having the opposite.

We are excited to announce that renown Costa Rican artists Fabio Herrera & Marco Maffioli will exhibit their abstract art at KOKi from Nov 21- Nov29. The show titled "Nautica" will coincide with the arrival of Transat, the third most important regatta of world, when some 25 000 tourists are expected to arrive for the festivities.

The dynamic duo have received international recognition and won several awards. The upcoming show at KOKi Beach will display 12 never seen before large works in acrylic and canvas in a natural setting.