Sunday, November 22, 2009

Art Nautica 2009 in the news

La Nacion, Costa Ricas daily newspaper, covered Art Nautica at KOKi Beach.

"Costa Rican artists Mario Maffioli and Fabio Herrera mounted an exhibition at KOKi Beach, Puerto Viejo, in tribute to the southern Caribbean to coincide with the arrival of the TRANSAT boat race in Limon.

The exhibition comprises of six acrylics by each artist produced in large format. According to Maffioli all the works were painted in Puerto Viejo and they see the exhibition as a way to thank the town for its hospitality towards the artists for the last 25 years.

"The works are representative of the area and human daily life and its surroundings and its exuberant nature" says Maffioli

He presents abstract works while Herrera presents figurative paintings. The TRANSAT will enable the artist to show their works to a large number of foreign tourists who visits the area for the competition"

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