Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Electric is connected, water is connected and internet & phone is coming this or next week. Progress is unstoppable. In keeping with our "green" concept of reusing, recapturing, recycling and salvaging we repurposed an out of use gate we picked up cheaply in BriBri, a neighboring town, and took back to the house. Our metall worker, Reinell, is now pouring himself into making it look like new. It will be perfect in the back of the property for the delivery entrance. A local farmer happily sold us an enormous turn of the century sugar kettle that was historically used to process sugarcane juice into sugar. Its new life will be as the focal point at the entrance of KOKI beach.

Stephen, our creative mind, is now busy on his mac making a 3D model in addition to the physical model that is already decorating our temporary office in our living room while Jorge, of course, is busy with doing his usual Public Relations.

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