Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting there

In the spirit of using local materials and incorporating the unique aspects of our area we contacted Carolina, a paintor and art historian, that works with the indians living in the surrounding mountains in helping preserve and promote their ancient crafts handed down for generations. She was delighted to hear we wanted to give them our support and said she would let us know how long it would take them to produce our breadbaskets, lampshades, serving plates and so on. Some of the indiginious live a several day walk inside the almost impenetrable jungle so it will take some time to get an answer. But thats ok.

We decided on using handmade placemats that are weaved by using recycled the plastic banana bags that unfortunately ends up either in the ocean where it often is mistaken for food by seaturtles that die when ingesting the plastic or in enormous floating underwater mountains of seatrash. In the best case scenario they end up in landfills. The group of local women that perform the very laborous and time consuming task of producing these placemats and bags do an incredible job with amazing results. I can't wait to have the first order.

We also got the power company to move what best can be described as a small forest of wire anchors that were splattered all over one corner of the property impeding our use of the space. Now they left only two right by the property line and we are happy.

The barback made of solid stone is going up and will reach 4 meters (12 feet) of the ground. Its looking very dramatic and we have a steady stream of locals stopping by checking out the progress. Everybody is super positive which is great

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