Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oy vey

I shouldn't have mentioned the sizzling sun. It rained, no poured, for more then 12 hours non stop yesterday. But our crew did show up, if a little late, this morning and by noon the sun was out full force again. Now its raining again of course but who cares. Its perfect for chilling out at the house.

We will start building the wood deck on the lower part closest to the ocean after the weekend. This week was pretty good. We were only stood up by the AyA (watermeter)guy, the A/C guy and two truckloads of stones. Not bad. Not worse then Miami. More things got solved. We received the internet, a quote that was acceptable from the carpenter for our doors and windows, the dishwashing area got mapped out, we ordered some custom kitchen ecquipment and everybody has shown up to work this whole week. This is great.

A beautiful thing happened today. A falcon landed on the site and feasted on crabs seemingly unbothered by us being just a few feet away. I was a little worried about our two baby sloths lounging in the tree above and could be a possible prey for a falcon. But it was too busy catching crabs instead. What a relief. Now we are back at the house cooking a delicious dinner and having wine with good friends relaxing while the rain drizzles outside and the crickets sing. So cozy

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